Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center Intranet

GECSC Science Center Management

Organizational Chart [PDF] (updated October 25, 2017)
Rating Officials [PDF] (updated October 3, 2017)
Instructions to Print eOPF Folder after Logging into My eOPF [PDF] (updated October 6, 2017)
Introductory Paragraph for Position Descriptions [PDF] (updated April 25, 2017)
Send a question or comment to GECSC leadership
Strategic Science Plan [PDF]

GECSC Policies

Attendance [PDF] (updated December 5, 2016)
Bankcard Process [PDF]
    — Blank Bankcard Log [Excel spreadsheet]
Conference Attendence Policy [PDF] (updated February 11, 2014)
Guide to Bringing on Field Techs [PDF] (updated June 23, 2015)
Overtime [PDF] (updated April 3, 2017)
    — Rules for Earning Overtime/Comp Time [PDF] (updated March 15, 2017)
Property [PDF] (updated January 27, 2017)
Travel Guidelines [PDF] (updated October 6, 2015)
Travel Procedures [PDF] (updated October 1, 2017)
Vehicles [PDF] (updated November 16, 2016)
    — Reserving a Vehicle Using Google Calendar [PDF]
Wireless Usage [PDF]

GECSC Data Management

Data Management and Data Release Information

GECSC Information Technology

GECSC IT Help Desk
IT Purchase Policies [PDF] (updated May 8, 2014)
    — To transfer or dispose of IT equipment — Please submit an IT Help Ticket
Teleconferencing Instructions [PDF] (updated August 21, 2015)

GECSC Safety

Safety Officer: Jim Messerich. 303-236-0914. jmesser
Area Monitor Responsibilities for Emergency Evacuations [PDF]
Defensive Driving: Online Courses and Instructions to Register [PDF] (updated August 10, 2015)
Defensive Driving: Training [PDF] (updated August 10, 2015)
Occupant Emergency Plan [PDF] (updated April 5, 2017)
Safety Information Required for Working in Alaska [PDF]
Traffic Safety Vests [PDF]
What to do in case of a spill [PDF] (updated August 10, 2015)

GECSC Environmental Management

DFC Recycling Cheat Sheet [PDF] (updated March 9, 2017)
Eva Bryson's NEPA-EMS Presentation [PDF]
GECSC Environmental Management (updated April 27, 2015)