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Statement of GECSC Environmental Management Policy

April 27, 2015

Effective environmental management is critical to the U.S. Geological Survey mission. The Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center (GECSC) is committed to protecting the environment through complete compliance with environmental laws, regulations, and outstanding efficiency in the conduct of our operations. As part of the GECSC's ongoing efforts, we will:

  1. Maintain an active role in the Environmental Management System (EMS) routinely evaluating and updating GECSC environmental procedures, and developing annual goals, objectives, and targets for improved environmental management.
  2. Effectively communicate GECSC's commitment to environmental goals with employees, cooperators, stakeholders, customer, and the general public.
  3. Comply with and strive to surpass Federal, State, and local environmental laws and regulations.
  4. Implement and maintain the Environmental Management System as the primary management practice for USGS operations and activities.
  5. Seek to minimize the environmental impact of GEC operations through regular evaluation, restoration, and efficient use of natural resources.
  6. Implement sustainable environmental practices, including the acquisition of bio-based, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, water-efficient, and recycled-content products.
  7. Continuously improve environmental performance through appropriate policies, procedures, training, and recognition of excellence.
  8. Prepare for emergencies in order to minimize environmental impacts.
  9. Emphasize pollution prevention, environmentally preferred products, and sustainable business practices with our building managers, contractors, and suppliers.
  10. Incorporate and enforce appropriate performance clause(s) in contracts with concessionaires and contractors that specify environmental protection and compliance.

These tasks reflect the GECSC's commitment to excellence in environmental management. All managers and employees should strive to carry them out.

Center Staff

Center Director: Buddy Schweig
Phone: 303-236-5344

Associate Center Director (Acting): Randy Schumann
Phone: 303-236-1525

Administrative Officer: Debra Taylor
Phone: 303-236-4835

Information Technology Specialist: Bryan Herrera
Phone: 303-236-5480

Secretary: Marla LaGuardia-Lindblom
Phone: 303-236-5345

Mailing Address

U.S. Geological Survey
Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center
P.O. Box 25046, DFC, MS 980
Lakewood, CO 80225


Government Staff
Name Title Phone E-mail (
Adams, Joe IT Specialist 303-236-2906 jdadams
Ager, Tom Scientist Emeritus 303-236-5728 tager
Alder, Jay Physical Scientist 541-737-5629 jalder
Ancona, Zach Physical Science Trainee 303-236-1886 zancona
Anderson, Isaac Physical Science Technician 303-236-1308 ianderson
Anderson, Lesleigh Geologist 303-236-1296 land
Baer, Lori Physical Scientist 303-236-1328 labaer
Bagstad, Ken Economist 303-236-1330 kjbagstad
Bauer, Mark Geographer 303-236-1247 mabauer
Beal, Grace Physical Science Technician 303-236-1802 ygbeal
Berry, Margaret Geologist 303-236-1240 meberry
Berryman, Erin Ecologist 303-236-1203 eberryman
Beston, Julie Ecologist jbeston
Bishop, Bruce Electronics Technician 303-236-2492 bbishop
Blome, Chuck Geologist 303-236-1278 cblome
Brandt, Ted Cartographer 303-236-1901 tbrandt
Brice, Rebecca Technician 303-236-1296 rbrice
Briggs, Jenny Fire Ecologist 303-236-1341 jsbriggs
Brouwers, Elly Scientist Emeritus brouwers
Brunner, Nicole Physical Science Technician 303-236-1806 nbrunner
Bryant, Bruce Scientist Emeritus 303-236-1234 bbryant
Budahn, Jim Scientist Emeritus 303-236-7919 jbudahn
Burt, Clifton Physical Science Technician 303-236-1887 cburt
Burton, Todd Geographer 303-236-1302 tburton
Carrara, Paul Scientist Emeritus 303-236-1287
Chan, Christine Geologist 303-236-0143 cchan
Clow, Gary Geophysicist 303-735-7806 clow
Cole, Jim Scientist Emeritus 303-236-1417 jimcole
Colgan, Joe Geologist 303-236-1021 jcolgan
Costello, Catherine Cartographer 303-236-1352 ccostello
Cress, Jill Computer Scientist 303-236-1248 jjcress
Dean, Walt Scientist Emeritus 303-236-5760 dean
Dechesne, Marieke Geologist 303-236-1289 mdechesne
Diffendorfer, Jay Ecologist 303-236-5369 jediffendorfer
Distler, Hayley Physical Scientist Technician 303-236-1887 hdistler
Dorning, Monica Physical Scientist 352-264-3499 mdorning
Drummond, Mark Geographer 970-226-9374 madrummond
Fitzpatrick, Joan Scientist Emeritus 303-236-7881 fitz
Fridrich, Chris Scientist Emeritus 303-236-7950 fridrich
Garman, Steve Ecologist 303-236-1353 slgarman
Gilbert, Marena Physical Science Technician 303-236-1887 magilbert
Gilmer, Amy Geologist 303-236-1636 agilmer
Goldstein, Harland Geologist 303-236-5506 hgoldstein
Goldstein, Stacy Admininistrative Operations Assistant 303-236-4843 sgoldstein
Goodman, Susan DOI Liaison 303-236-1904
Gray, Harrison Geologist 303-236-5556 hgray
Hawbaker, Todd Ecologist 303-236-1371 tjhawbaker
Heise, Bruce NPS Liaison
Henne, Paul Ecologist 303-236-1262 phenne
Herrera, Bryan Information Technology Specialist 303-236-5480 bherrera
Hester, Dave Geographer 303-236-1382 dhester
Honke, Jeff Geologist 303-236-5540 jhonke
Hudson, Adam Geologist 303-236-7804 ahudson
Hudson, Mark Geologist 303-236-7446 mhudson
Kehrwald, Natalie Geologist 303-236-4534 nkehrwald
Kellogg, Karl Scientist Emeritus 303-236-1305 kkellogg
Kramer, Louisa Physical Science Technician 303-236-3226 lkramer
Kuepper, Joe Admininistrative Assistant 303-236-2478 jkuepper
Kuntz, Mel Scientist Emeritus 303-236-1293 mkuntz
LaGuardia-Lindblom, Marla Center Secretary 303-236-5345 mlindblom
Lawrence, Corey Geologist 303-236-3210 clawrence
Lidke, Dave Geologist 303-236-1286 dlidke
Lile, Liz Supervisory Physical Scientist 303-236-1389 ellile
Lundstrom, Scott Geologist 303-236-7944 sclundst
Madole, Rich Scientist Emeritus
Mahan, Shannon Geologist 303-236-7928 smahan
McBeth, Jamie Physical Scientist 406-994-2371 jlmcbeth
Messerich, Jim Cartographic Technician 303-236-0914 jmesser
Minor, Scott Geologist 303-236-0303 sminor
Moore, Dave Scientist Emeritus dwmoore
Muhs, Dan Geologist 303-236-7919 dmuhs
Northrup, Liz Ecologist enorthrup
Paces, Jim Geologist 303-236-0533 jbpaces
Page, Ric Geologist 303-236-1141 rpage
Pelltier, Richard Geographer 303-236-5808 rtpelltier
Pigati, Jeff Geologist 303-236-7870 jpigati
Premo, Wayne Geologist 303-236-7686 wpremo
Reheis, Marith Scientist Emeritus 303-236-1270 mreheis
Reynolds, Mitchell Scientist Emeritus 303-236-8007 mwreynol
Reynolds, Rich Scientist Emeritus 303-236-1303 rreynolds
Riegle, Jodi Computer Scientist 303-236-1415 jlriegle
Rosenbaum, Joe Scientist Emeritus jrosenbaum
Ruleman, Cal Geologist 303-236-7804 cruleman
Schmoll, Henry Scientist Emeritus schmoll
Schumann, Randy Geologist 303-236-1525 rschumann
Schweig, Buddy Center Director 303-236-5344 schweig
Scott, Bob Scientist Emeritus 541-750-1016 rbscott
Semmens, Darius Physical Scientist 303-236-1420 dsemmens
Shafer, Sarah Geologist 541-750-0946 sshafer
Sherrouse, Ben Physical Scientist 443-498-5606 bcsherrouse
Shroba, Ralph Geologist 303-236-1292 rshroba
Simmons, Kathleen Geologist 303-236-7821 ksimmons
Simon, Julie Physical Science Technician 303-236-1352 jlsimon
Skipp, Gary Geologist 303-236-4901 gskipp
Sloan, Jeff Cartographer 303-236-1308 jlsloan
Springer, Kathleen Geologist 951-218-0866 kspringer
Stier, Michael Physical Scientist 303-236-3171 mpstier
Strickland, Laura Geologist 303-236-5302 lstrickland
Stuckless, John Scientist Emeritus 303-236-5050 jstuckless
Sutton, Rich Computer Scientist 303-236-5619 rsutton
Sweetkind, Don Geologist 303-236-1828 dsweetkind
Takacs, Josh Information Technology Specialist 303-236-1263 jdtakacs
Taylor, Debra Administrative Officer 303-236-4835 djtaylor
Taylor, Emily Geologist 303-236-8253 emtaylor
Taylor, Robert Physical Science Trainee 303-236-1891 rvtaylor
Thompson, Bob Geologist 303-236-5347 rthompson
Thompson, Ren Geologist 303-236-0929 rathomps
Turner, Kenzie Geologist 303-236-4610 kturner
Urban, Frank Geologist 303-236-4790 furban
Van Sistine, Paco Geographer 303-236-5452 dsistine
Vanderhoof, Melanie Geographer 303-236-1411 mvanderhoof
Whitney, John Scientist Emeritus 303-236-7803 jwhitney
Williams, Carlo Information Technology Specialist 303-236-1293 cmwilliams
Workman, Jeremy Geologist 303-236-1257 jworkman
Zellman, Kristine Geologist 303-236-5838 kzellman

Name Title Phone E-mail (
Cravens, Eric Assistant Ice Core Analyst 303-236-9228 ecravens
Havens, Jeremy Web Site Developer 303-236-7807 jhavens

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